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Metal detecting has grown immensely in popularity over recent years and one area where you can find significant finds is on the beach. It’s been known for awhile lots of people lose valuables at the beach and that has made competition fierce so we put together this video showing some beach detecting tips and secrets that will help you produce more finds.

The best tip I can give, is before you go to the beach do some planning. Newcomers to metal detecting usually do a random search and quickly hit the popular spots with no plan at all. Do your initial research by making a grid of the beach so you can efficiently cover a smaller area of the beach by focusing on high traffic areas. Instead of searching randomly, just walking down the beach swinging the coil, create a more strategic approach and only hit areas once and move on. One area to focus on is where most people will pass on the beach which is between the lifeguard flags.

Early mornings and late evenings are typically the best time to go metal detecting at the beach, preferably on the weekends. That’s also when your competition will be out too. You will usually see them early in the morning before the crowds show up in the summertime. A bulk of your competition is going to have a full time job. If you have the flexibility a better time to go is sometimes on a Friday afternoon or a Sunday evening or Monday morning. Friday afternoons give you the ability to find items from the crowds during the week. Sunday evenings or Monday mornings allow the possibility of finds after the crowds during the weekends. In addition, because many of your competitors work during these hours you will have more time and room and loot to yourself. You will also be well served if you can detect the beach between the low and high tides before items become buried washed away. Another thing to keep in mind is, the more popular beaches will have the most competition. Knowing this you may want to try less crowded beaches too.

Just like most of metal detecting, beach detecting will have it’s fair share of trash like ring tabs, foil etc. While items may initially look like junk, you may want to take them home to look at closer as saltwater and sand can sometimes obscure valuable items. The valuable items you can find when beach detecting typically include items most people lose when on the beach like coins, watches, earrings, rings and other types of jewelry etc. Be sure to keep your coil close to the ground and turn the discrimination down low to minimize false positives and find more items.

While all-round detectors are effective at the beach, if you are serious at beach detecting, you will need a specialized detector. Normal metal detectors are not set up to find targets in a wet and sandy environment and because of the electrolytic substances in saltwater, normal metal detectors sometimes are thrown off the signal.

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  1. BoogherJ says:

    where were you

  2. themetaldetectorguy says:

    Definitely a nice looking cut! Nice finds. Is that an old lincoln matchbox car?

  3. 2323midge says:

    Why is there tire makes going into the water?

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  5. thewizardofrhythm says:

    Is the caps lock stuck on your computer? ;)

  6. Jockguy2008 says:

    I have a dilemma, if you go to less crowded beaches, you do not find as much. However going to places like Daytona is just crazy and you’ll get run over and have to compete for sand space with 1000′s of people. What is the solution? Only thing I can think of is going right as the sun comes up. I am about an hour from Daytona

  7. Jockguy2008 says:

    Wow I loved the Crown and sword piece you found, although the dinosaur looked plastic.

  8. bavariadigger says:

    Good video!
    At 3:26 I can see these ceramic stones. I use this stones too. Can you give me a picture of your tumbler? Please watch my video with my first selfmade tumbler.

  9. randym704 says:

    does caps lock bother you? what wrong with it?

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    wahhooooooooooooooooo whites

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    wait i dont even know what the tips r that was kinda borin

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    oh my god tell that girl to slooooow down she going waaaay toooo fast look how much ground she misst

  14. Daniel jean claude says:

    plus viteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?

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  16. TheXXXShowdown says:

    Were you listening? LOL.. that whole description about the cut on the beach and hunting “the wet” after it’s washed down was extremely valuable information. “Reading the beach” is an art form.

  17. TheXXXShowdown says:

    Hit crowded beaches before and after sunrise. Get a head light. I have one made by Coleman that works well. And invest in a nice long handle scoop.

  18. MrTopsoil911 says:

    nice finds! gl hh :)

  19. rookie01sl says:

    Cant help but notice how fast you guys walk and swing…wow your missing alot of ground!

  20. Finders Keepers says:

    Thanks for sharing.

  21. Lithus17 says:

    Lol you’re wife is just aimlessly wandering…give her a grid or something

  22. Jim Wall says:

    I came across your video and subbed your channel plz check out mine. Jimmy

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