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Metal detecting is a great hobby as it can provide both exercise and the potential to find buried treasure. To someone first looking to get in the hobby there are a dizzying amount of detectors it makes it hard to pick just one including Garrett, Whites, Bounty Metal detectors are just a few brands to choose from. While the detectors today do the same thing detectors from 40 years do, the technology has improved greatly.

It’s hard to go wrong with the Bounty Hunter metal detector line, even for someone who is starting out in metal detecting. Bounty Hunter metal detectors have been around for over 40 years and have a great reputation of making a great product at an affordable price.
For someone starting out, I would recommend the Gold Digger from Bounty Hunter. It is a good all-around detector that is easy to use, reliable and durable – at a low price point of under $100. The instructions are easy to follow and do a good job of assembly and how to use. This detector ease of use primarily comes from automatic ground balancing, which means that it automatically adjusts to different ground conditions which means you can go from hard ground to the beach without having to make any changes to the detector.

A few of the high points of the Gold Digger detector from Bounty Hunter:

  • The Bounty Hunter Junior metal detector is one of the lightest in the market, weighing only 2 pounds.
  • Battery saving headphones and easy to read visual displays.
  • They have a great range and they also have a small metal detector designed just for kids.
  • The ability to adjust the sensitivity to ensure you do not waste your time digging up unwanted junk items
  • Easy to use instruction manual written in plain English.
  • 5 year parts and labor warranty.
  • Extremely well priced for the features

Now just like any tool, it takes practice and patience to become good at using the Gold Digger Bounty Hunter metal detector. You are going to find lots of worthless items when first starting so don’t get frustrated. Take the trash with you to dispose of later so when you go over the same ground later there will be less junk to dig up.

While you can find deals online, nothing beats talking to a dealer and taking metal detectors out for a test drive, especially for the beginner . The little extra you may pay will be worth it by the dealer expertise and guidance to the right Bounty metal detector.


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  1. GwFishingR says:

    Great Demo Ive been looking at his model for a couple of weeks,and think I might just pull the trigger now! Thank you

  2. 1957Shep says:

    Quite a fancy rig.

  3. hot2warm says:

    it’s pretty nice. nowhere near top of the line as far as detectors go, but it serves my needs. maybe the “Taurus” of detectors??? :-)

  4. hot2warm says:

    I think you’ll like it and get some good use out of it.

  5. joernone says:

    Terrific demo. Very well done. Told me everything I needed to know.
    Thank you, my friend. Good hunting.


  6. hot2warm says:


  7. GBDGhotbear says:

    It is an ok unit for the new digger or kid, i have the one, it was my first detector. They do not work very well near salt water, it has no way to ground ballance . Its ok for shallow targets but nothing deep. Nice video.

  8. Dustn Reece says:

    I have bought this same model about 2 months ago. It’s my first detector and so far I really enjoy it. I live close to the coast so I am really excited about this summer. I wish there were more people in my area who enjoys this hobby. Great video tutorial as well. I was wondering on the pin pointer. Would buying that Garret($130) pin pointer be a bad move? Thanks for the video bud.

  9. hot2warm says:

    Thanks for watching and commenting. Sorry, I don’t own and haven’t used the pinpointer. It gets great reviews and users seem to increase their success using it and dig less for that success. Good luck with whatever you decide to do

  10. blackoutram says:

    Yeah i have a Quick draw 2, it came with a cheaper pin pointer which i lost so i picked up the garret pro pointer and i love it. I wouldn’t go detecting without it, cuts digging time in half at least. The quick draw is pretty good for a beginner, but im looking at the Whites mxt pro. The bounty hunter just doesnt have the depth and features of professional machines but for the money u cant beat it.

  11. hot2warm says:

    thanks for the info. I plan to give mine a good workout this year. I’ll definitely look into a pin pointer

  12. Hayden Zimmerman says:

    When ever I click my buttons on my QuickDraw 2 it doesn’t beep 3 times

  13. carlos gerardo alvarez lopez says:

    nice metal detector!!

  14. hot2warm says:

    thanks. it’s been good. i just need to use it more.