Common Detecting Mistakes

Metal detectors have become quite specialized and powerful pieces of equipment but many people don’t really know how to use their detector.  This video shows some common detecting mistakes and how to keep them from happening so you can find more treasure.  If you’re not using your metal detector correctly you may just go over valuable finds and not even know it.

The basic use of a metal detector is by using a swinging motion.  Not the swinging a weedeater type of swing but a nice slow swing at a slow walk.  That may sound simple enough but it is important to remember that your detector needs time to process before it can give a signal.  Go too fast over the area and the metal detector can’t do its job.

Keep your detector low to the ground, just a few inches away and parallel to the ground.  This will give you the best depth reading and more finds.  Most detectors, if you are perfectly parallel to the ground, will scan down to about 10 inches on average.  If you have your detector 5 inches off the ground, then anything 6 inches under ground will be missed.  If you are only 3 inches you will find things deeper.

Another common detecting mistake is you need to overlap the area you had already been and keep your coil at a consistent distance, parallel to the ground to get the best depth reading.   It’s easy to lose concentration and enjoy your surroundings but you must keep focus and sweep in a uniform fashion if you plan to find anything.

Don’t make these same common detecting mistakes and check out our video.  By focusing on the basics, you will increase the amount of treasure you find.  Many people make these mistakes without being aware but if you use these tips and focus you won’t be one of them.

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  1. darron greatrex says:

    another regton numpty

  2. nef003 says:

    Garrett Ace 350. Its a great detector and its only 297.00

  3. RegtonDetectors says:

    If you’re based in the US then yes the Ace 350 would be a good buy however if you’re in Europe the EuroAce is a better option as it’s set up for European detecting style

  4. Detectingdevon says:

    Great video mate

  5. RegtonDetectors says:

    Thank you for that.

  6. idaveuk says:

    lol nigel i can not belive people do those things lol

  7. RegtonDetectors says:

    Oh, believe me, we get some absolute howlers but wouldn’t want to name or shame anyone as that’s not the done thing but if Dave from Devon is watching remember only ONE coil cover fitted at a time please.

  8. PA Digger says:

    A metal shaft bolt would give a false reading in pinpoint mode, would it not?

  9. RegtonDetectors says:

    Hello PAD, no not at all, detectors will ignore any static piece of metal, the coil bolt being a pivot point is static and therefore not a problem, the electronics will simply tune it out. Try it on your own machine by simply placing a metal bolt on the coil, then try moving it to see what affect it has in both motion and then in pinpoint mode. Rgds Nigel

  10. GoldandCoinCollecter says:

    ace 250 is best for begingers! :-)

  11. PA Digger says:

    I tried what you said with my AT Pro and it didn’t like something on top of the coil in either mode! It makes sense to me that if you pick up something under the coil in pinpoint with the coil not moving, it would also pick it up on top of the coil not moving. I was surprised though that it registered in motion mode also!

  12. RegtonDetectors says:

    Coils detect up & down on all machines, as long as the metal isn’t moving it won’t have an affect on performance however if you use a large piece of metal it will swamp the coils and that will cause problems, it will often give an overload signal.

  13. Paul Presley says:

    I have £100 to spend of a Metal Detector. I am look at the ( Viking V5 ) Metal Detector. Is this the best one i can get for my money ?.

  14. RegtonDetectors says:

    The V5 is a non-motion detector, (old technology), very basic, my advice would be to save a little more and go for the Garrett Ace 150 £139.95 with carriage, headphones, batts, coil cover, 2 yr warranty & that’s a motion machine with discrimination, target ID, depth reading etc etc.

  15. Gabriel Martinez Ezeta says:

    Hello! Wich metal detector would you recommend me? I’m just a begonner.

  16. nephildevil says:

    lol why is it always british people need instructions for the most obvious and basic things? :D Can’t they do anything by themselves or what? No wonder they have such a nanny government, fits them perfectly.

  17. RegtonDetectors says:

    Hi Nephildevil, actually all of the problems we featured were from Belgian detectorists, next week we’ll be featuring English common mistakes but that video is very short sorry…………..

  18. nephildevil says:

    hahaha most ppl here need manuals for everything too, and we also have a nanny gov but everybody just does their own thing and don’t care about the regulations n stuff much

  19. soundnicetome says:

    I have a Garrett 250…with a 350 coil fitted and have been very pleased with it…a good all round machine…still havent found a box of treasure yet…but we live in hope.Thanks for posting this…guess this will help out the newcomers etc?

  20. Karlett555 says:

    thanks for headphones tip. Because you wear them on the back of the head, that metal loop doesn’t have to be longer as on headphones sitting over your head. I thought it was headphones for kids lol

  21. john lind says:

    hello nicw videos…. love them..
    can you tell me what coil is the best for the garrett ace 250.. in denmark???

  22. zthang says:

    Great tips, thanks.

  23. m AUSTIN says:

    Please ignore the idiots comments. These may seem like “Simple” or obvious mistakes but, I work in IT and I have seen very similar and worse. And NONE of my clients are British. Oops, one is and she is a PAIN but not because of stupid mistakes. I think this is a very good beginners video. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ! ! !

  24. billy millar says:

    I bought the garret ace 150 about 6 weeks ago and it’s a great detector the coil cover is essential. the head phones are good, i have found coin after coin, bullets, a rare Victorian medal and lots more other finds with the ace. i would have loved the euro ace but only had about £150 but the ace 150 does the job just fine.. Also the shop had the best service i could find online. I am one very happy customer, thanks Regton :)

  25. Tom Grieve says:

    Great video, very informative. Any chance you will be doing any offering tips on coin shooting. Location scouting and discriminating? Cheers from Canada.

  26. rpwilsox says:

    ARTOM (pronounced: ‘are-tom’) -> “Always Read The Owner’s Manual”.

  27. RegtonDetectors says:

    I think you’ll find that only applies to ladies, most blokes only read the manual when all other possible theories and advice from friends has been extinguished……..

  28. RegtonDetectors says:

    Thank you Billy

  29. RegtonDetectors says:

    Thank you for that

  30. metaldetectingoregon says:

    I would say that opening swing is too fast and the out swings swing up instead of staying to the ground. But everything said was very good.

  31. Arne Mathiasen says:

    you have to be very stupid to do these mistakes..

  32. brian brown says:

    you have to get your swing right . you ar not constant withe ground at the more than the middle . you are curling up at the ends.

  33. Finders Keepers says:

    I wonder if I have been detecting my cable all this time? Thanks for sharing! Subb’d!