Garrett Ace 250

With detectors that are novice friendly, easy to set up and plenty of features for the money, Garrett produces some of the best selling detectors in the market and the Garrett ACE 250 is a great example of why.

The Garrett ACE 250 is a value priced machine packed full with useful features that are typically found in more expensive detectors such as full-range step discrimination, pinpointing method, graphic target ID and touch-n-go elements, graphic target ID cursor with 12 element GTA notch discrimination, “Coin Depth” Setting, Tone ID, eight sensitivity configurations, 5 pre-set searching modes, and the most advanced LCD graphic monitor for fast and simple visual target ID. Another useful feature is the coil on the ACE 250 is waterproof, which means you can detect in the water. Just make sure that you do not get the control box wet. The only feature that would be a great addition is an adjustable volume control as it is pretty loud, so be sure to pick up some headphones if you plan to buy this unit.

Assembling the Garrett ACE 250 took less than two minutes.

The visual display is easy for the novice to understand and master. Most detectors show a range of numbers and you have to remember what that number means. The Garrett ACE 250 has small display bars and a series of icons that indicate penny, nickel, dime, quarter, etc. which makes this a no fuss detector. .
In pinpoint mode, you will swing the coil slowly from side to side until a series of bars goes all the way to the right. Detection is quick and accurate. The coin icon is pretty cool and if the detector shows a quarter, that’s what is in the ground.

Even though this detector is waterproof, the Garrett ACE 250 works fine in the dry sand and ok in the wet sand, be sure to use a low sensitivity in salt water.
Expert or novice, the Garrett ACE 250 is a great metal detector that will challenge much pricier units at a fraction of the price.

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  1. 8dragonboyy says:

    i think i see. thanks for the tips.

  2. Jay Mo says:

    I have the DD 8.5 x 11 on my 2fiddy and let me tell ya, it’s great. Takes a bit to get the pinpoint mastered but once you do you won’t want the original coil on there unless you really have to. Great review of this truly impressive little machine.

  3. CarolinaCoin Hunter says:

    Cool. I never did get to test the DD coil out on the Ace. I bet it is awesome. Thanks for checking out the video :)

  4. dressel860 says:

    Nice video. I just bought the Ace 250. I have found almost 20 coins just in my yard. No silver yet. I think the Ace 250 is a great detector. Good luck!

  5. CarolinaCoin Hunter says:

    Thanks. The Ace 250 is awesome. The yard is one of the best places to start and learn the machine. It’s amazing how many coins and stuff are out there. Good luck with your detecting :)

  6. StacyandRobbie Asbury says:

    how comfortable is it? is it heavy?

  7. CarolinaCoin Hunter says:

    It’s not very heavy, and the lower shaft has different positions for length :)

  8. wtfaremypants says:

    Have you used it for gold nuggets? If so, how was it?

  9. CarolinaCoin Hunter says:

    It’s not really designed for gold nuggets. Jewelry is good, but if you want tiny gold, like nuggets you need a high frequency machine with a threshhold adjustment and all metals mode like the garrett AT Gold.

  10. MrDevlin350 says:

    Just received the Ace 250 today and took it for a test drive in the yard and love it.The audio is so loud I don’t see why anyone needs headphones on these.I’m a novice and had used an old Radio Shack detector once around my yard and it never hit on anything,the Ace hits on everything ! Got a great deal on it plus Garrett sent me 2 edge diggers with it,can’t beat that.I’m already in love with Garrett !

  11. CarolinaCoin Hunter says:

    Sweet, sounds like you got a great deal. The main reason to use headphones is to not attract a lot of attention at a public place, and to hear the signals better in a loud environment, plus the batteries will last much longer with the headphones. If that bell tone starts going off around a bunch of kids, you’ll get an audience pretty quickly :) The Ace 250 will help you find a ton of nice stuff. Good Luck and Happy Hunting!

  12. MrDevlin350 says:

    Thanks for that tip on the headphones ! I never even thought about attracting attention with the beeping.Still a lot to learn in this hobby ! Thanks again !

  13. CarolinaCoin Hunter says:

    The Ace 250 is a great starter unit. It’s very simple to use and runs very stable, not a chatter box at all. The Ace gets respectable depth for the stock coil. It would do a bit better with the DD. If he has 300 to spend then the ACE 350 might give him an edge with the better coil. The Ace 250 is not as deep as the Omega, but much more stable around EMI, so it is very beginner friendly. The preset GB works out fine,w/ no fuss.There have been a lot of finds made with an ACE.Hope this helps:)

  14. pennysarecute2 says:

    The nickel signals are almost always parts of aluminum cans

  15. justin bee says:

    great dectector,i suggest 12/9 inch coil i just got one and my finds have increased,first gold ring last night

  16. clint clay says:

    I get really annoyed with the speaker tone and so do people around you that why people use headphone

  17. MrDevlin350 says:

    Thats what I’ve discovered since the ACE has no volume control.I did get a set of nice headphones with volume control makes all the difference in the world.

  18. Tamara Stipsen says:

    that’s a conferderaiton butten really cool :)

  19. dumb bell says:

    do you need a perment to dig in parks?

  20. aerlial360 says:

    CCH, Thanks for the informative video. I haven’t had a MD since I was 9 years old in the late 70′s and that one was a cheap Radio Shack deal, I’m starting from scratch now and I want to go to Europe to hunt WWII battle sites. Should I start locally with this until I get the hang of it and then buy a Pro, giving this to my son, or will this do just fine for war relics?

  21. CarolinaCoin Hunter says:

    Most public parks are fine to detect. You may need to check your town ordinances to be sure, most can be found online, or just ask :) Good luck!

  22. CarolinaCoin Hunter says:

    It should do pretty good on relics as well as coins. If you want to go a bit deeper and get a few more features, the Ace 250 would make a good back up unit or a great one for your son.

  23. mental detecting says:

    on the coins mode . which discriminates iron . foil . pulltabs . our 250 still picks up aluminium drinks cans etc , any suggestions ?

  24. CarolinaCoin Hunter says:

    The aluminum cans can be a pain for sure. Most of the time they seem to read like a dime signal. If you get a large object the depth will read much more shallow than it actually is and the pinpoint will be much broader. If I get a three inch dime signal, and dig down six inches and do not find anything, it’s probably a deep can. If in a very old area, without modern trash, It could be a brass buckle, but if you’ve been getting beer cans at a site it’s ok to pass up these signals.Hope this helps.

  25. Alex Buje says:

    Can I use it in pinpoint mode like a full no motion metal detector?

  26. bigfootchem trailpilot says:

    i bought a GTI 2500 about 2 yrs ago, and sold it last year, just grabbed an ace 250… hahaahahaha what an excellent little detector :) unbelievable for the money, I swear I find more with it than the GTI 2500 :)

  27. CarolinaCoin Hunter says:

    I’m not sure how good that would work, but I guess it’s possible. I know sometimes you can have signal drift with no motion all metal detection, where you have to retune by releasing and repinpointing to retune.

  28. donald scarlett says:

    If you leave it on all metal how well does it work?

  29. Jack Smith says:

    These are ok if you cant aford a good detector , personly i would keep saving as they look like a cheap brite yellow toy very unbalenced to use with poor disscrim , GOOD FOR KIDS AND POOR PEOPLE !

  30. Grenade Catcher says:

    As much as i would like to try metal detecting i just have this fear all i will find is a bunch of trash.

  31. guy mitchison says:

    Very good video, great quality filming

  32. CarolinaCoin Hunter says:

    Thank you, I appreciate the feed back!

  33. zumi2020 says:

    is that Small Wand Detector included when you buy the machine?

  34. CarolinaCoin Hunter says:

    Sometimes you can get a package deal with the pin-pointer included. The Garrett Pro pointer is one of the best.

  35. thedetectorist108 says:

    that button you found was used by union during civil war

  36. garrett234gm says:

    Is it water proof

  37. CarolinaCoin Hunter says:

    The search coil is waterproof, but not the control housing. You can search shallow water fine. Just don’t drop it :)

  38. baggies mad says:

    this is 1 of the best reviews i’ve ever seen great job man!!!

  39. CarolinaCoin Hunter says:

    Thank buddy:) I appreciate the kind words!

  40. Adam O'Neil says:

    I used mine at the beach and it was reading a lot but wasn’t finding anything. Is there minerals on the shore or do you think my sensitivity is to high? It was about 3/4 set. I live in NC but was searching in Florida this summer. Thanks and I love my ace 250 and garret wand.

  41. CarolinaCoin Hunter says:

    Hi Adam. Your sensitivity setting was fine. The Ace should have been fine on the dry sand. It seems the beaches of the south east have little to no mineralization really. The biggest challenge is conductive salt water. If you disc out iron and foil, the detector should behave enough to search the wet sand, and be sure not to touch the coil to the wet sand as this will cause false signals. In the dry it isn’t an issue. The beach was probably” sanded in” this summer, so not as many good targets.

  42. Muuip says:

    Great presentation thanks!

  43. chris fry says:

    Great review. I subbed your channel. You answered many of my questions here. I wonder how it does with a silver dime buried down 6 inches? I really need to step up and buy one of these. The arm rest breakage isn’t a big deal if you repair it with PVC. Saw a video on that from my buddy Cromwell 13649.Thankks! GL & HH!Chris

  44. CarolinaCoin Hunter says:

    I guess soil conditions could be a factor, but in my area 6 inch coins are no problem. I was out today helping one of my buddies learn to use his first detector. I showed him a couple of finds I marked for him to pinpoint etc., and his machine hit hard on the 6 inch coins. It seems that 90% of the coins are usually In this range. I don’t think I’ve ever dug a coin over 9 inches, even with my Etrac. It could find them, but it is rare for coins to be that deep. GL & HH !

  45. chris fry says:

    You are a good friend to help them out. :) I think I am ready to get the 250. To be able to discriminate more will be awesome. Thanks for subbing my channel! Uploading some video clips now. It takes forever!GL & HH!Chris

  46. Thedreamweaver1973 says:

    great advice as am thinking about getting into metal detecting and had my eye on this detetctor, thx

  47. mugsytop says:

    On an ace 250 gold shows up as pull tabs for the word.

  48. Linn Platter says:

    Think this has sold me on the 250. Mode, mode, mode.

  49. curlew0609 says:

    My 15-yr grandson took my White’s DFX300 out to the salt beach one day to goof around and found a dime, 2 quarters (1 is a 1943) and a 14k gold earring. He is hooked. He wants to hunt meteorites out west this summer, too. If I want to get mine back, I’m going to have to find one for him. I can’t afford another DFX300 for him, and it’s too complicated to use, anyway. This looks pretty good and has been recommended for him.