Garrett Ace 350 Metal Detector

Attention all treasure, relic, coin and jewelry hunters! The latest member of the much-acclaimed Garret Ace series is now available – and it offers both the experienced metal detectorist and the hobbyist higher frequency, enhanced iron discrimination, and better salt water capabilities and the deepest detecting search coil that only Garret Ace can offer with the new Garrett Ace 350 Metal Detector.

It’s all in the coil – and the Garret Ace 350 comes with an 8.5″ x 11″ PROformance DD search coil that excellently performs even in highly mineralized, severe ground conditions such salt-water beaches. It also detects much deeper into the ground offers a exceptional scanning coverage.

This metal detector also offers much better iron discrimination capabilities with its Enhanced Iron Resolution feature that effectively separates unwanted junk from valuable finds. With the Garret Ace 350 metal detector, you simply get to dig out more treasure and less garbage! And if you’re actually searching for iron, then the Ace 350′s wide iron range will help you detect iron of all sizes.

Another wonderful feature is the availability of interchangeable Ace coils for this product that gives you more flexibility and allows you to adjust to specific search conditions.

The higher 8.25kHz frequency also works splendidly with highly conductive targets such as small coins and gold nuggets.

And you can easily modify its discrimination patterns for better accuracy which include pre-set settings such as All Metal (Zero), Jewelry, Relics, Coins, and Pinpoint, or you may create your own unique discrimination pattern with the Custom setting. So whatever it is you’re looking for, just let the Ace 350 know what you want to accept and reject, and it will help you find it – accurately and fast!

The Garrett Ace 350 metal detector offers both the amateur and experienced metal detectorist a low cost but highly effective relic hunting detector.

This detector comes with a new large DD 11″x 8.5″ search coil that offers much better iron discrimination with its enhanced iron resolution feature that effectively separates unwanted junk from valuable finds and is effective on such salt-water beaches.  This reason for great performance in challenging environments is that the coil has a blunted tip and tail, which also offers deeper searches than a typical DD coil. The Ace 350 also has a high frequency output at 8.25 kHz to target items such as small coins and gold nuggets.  Now, this frequency is not optimal for nugget hunting but this is a great all around low cost performer.  If this coil doesn’t meet your needs, Ace offers a wide range of coils to change over to for more flexibility and you can fine tune for specific search conditions.

The Garrett Ace 350 detector gives the user great control features, especially given the price, with easy to use, one touch, push button controls.  The user find whatever they are looking for by the detector’s generous pre-set settings such as all metal, jewelry, coins, and a handy pinpoint feature that lets you zero-in on your target quickly or you can create your own custom setting.  A coin depth indicator you also know how deep the target is.

The Garrett Ace 350 metal detector is a great low cost unit designed for relic hunting to effectively find coins and jewelry and with a great target ID display. It can be used as your main detector or as a supplement to a more expensive detector.

Check out our video to see the Garrett Ace 350 metal detector in action and let us know what you think.

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  1. ArizonaAdventuress says:

    hahaha you got that right! I do know that movie lol…oh and I do carry a glock actually, my glock 22c .40 cal. :) it’s a bit large though for a carry gun when metal detecting so I think I will pick up a smaller frame revolver in the future.

    thanks for watching man!

  2. tiokickbox says:

    hi how deep can you detect metalls?
    20 inches or more? or lesss than 20inches?

  3. Antonio Garcia Ramos says:


  4. DIYPV says:

    nice place were is this located?

  5. sirkevind says:

    Awesome! I have a garret ace 350 and I live in Laughlin Nevada right in the tri state area! Happy hunting! Ps I carry my glock 23 when I’m out!

  6. Roman Lewis says:

    Smart move on the bottle of water .

  7. ArizonaAdventuress says:

    yeah, the desert in pretty unforgiving :) thanks for watching!

  8. ArizonaAdventuress says:

    oops!! lol I thought you were referring to drinking water lol but your talking about the spray bottle yeah? haha my bad!! but yeah it works out well for cleaning items you find :)

  9. ArizonaAdventuress says:

    thanks, near gila bend in Arizona

  10. ArizonaAdventuress says:

    very cool!!! and yeah gotta have that protection, never know!! enjoy that 350! I know I really like mine…I post my MDing vids on my other channel now if your interested…HiddenTreasureHunter is the name of the channel

  11. ArizonaAdventuress says:

    I’m guessing about a little more than a foot. check the garrett website for specs though.

  12. Sergio Gomez says:

    amigo felicidades tenes muy buena maquina solo te falta el pro poinnter de garrett y estas completo saludos

  13. tinthumb1 says:

    Nice video, subed ya.

  14. DiggleFish says:

    I just bought the garret Ace 350, come with a steel digger ta boot! Anyway, what would you rate it out of 10?

  15. DiggleFish says:

    also you’ve earned yourself a sub

  16. DiggItUpTv says:

    @Sergio Gomez en cual país usas tu máquina de “metal detector”? No hay muchos que habla español que hace esto.

  17. ollen249 says:

    Cool penny now if you find 30,000 more you’ve got your garret paid for lol

  18. ArizonaAdventuress says:

    thanks a lot :)

  19. ArizonaAdventuress says:

    lol that’s the truth! almost paid for now though :)

  20. Michael Daniels says:

    Dude, you got such a mellow vibe, I enjoyed watching even if you found a bunch of junk.

  21. ArizonaAdventuress says:

    appreciate it, thank you :)

  22. av63pnt0 says:

    hey bud here a tip, my best finds have been in areas where there is a lot of human activity, like beaches and park, you wont find much in the middle of nowhere

  23. av63pnt0 says:

    hey bud here a tip my best finds have been in areas where there is a lot of human activity like beaches, old houses, and parks you wont find much out in the middle of the desert

  24. Robert J. Price Jr. says:

    a man can gert away with that flimsy Trowel in the Arizona sand i guess. . lol. .Not here in West Virginia.. And damn dude way to lay your .22 all over the ground. . lmao.. good looking though. . keep at it. . shall pay for itself in the end.. sooner or later.

  25. Robert J. Price Jr. says:

    yea bro. . watching alittle more. . your gonna need yourself a pick.. thats for sure.

  26. oneenigma4u says:

    If you are looking in a dry river you should listen for mid tones . That would be gold . The bell tone is for coins . The in side bens of the river is where the gravel is where most gold in a rive will be .

  27. ArizonaAdventuress says:

    thanks man!

  28. Danny Ruiz says:

    old neighborhoods are the best

  29. pelletgunlong says:

    Does that metal detector tell you the signal number

  30. TheGeekzoid says:

    I think you would like videos on metal detecting in Wisconsin. So check it out and if you like subscribe. Diggin Jimmy

  31. TheGeekzoid says:

    I love the garrett ace 250 just cant afford the 350 yet

  32. TucsonDigger says:

    Lots of aluminumNumNumNumNumNumAA.. :D

  33. ArizonaAdventuress says:

    lol always! :)

  34. JOOP VISSER says:


  35. FreidasGarden says:

    Nice Finds! I sold my Mini 14 for 1100 bucks! It was the 1976 version.