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Metal detecting for gold nuggets is the toughest form of detecting to be consistently good at but can bring in a significant amount of income. To capitalize on the craze of gold prospecting, several companies have developed gold detectors specifically optimized to find nuggets.

With so many choices how do you find the best gold detector? Price is usually an indicator of performance but if you are only going to search for gold occasionally, you may want to consider a general detector which can also be used for finding gold. Keep in mind that a majority of metal detection devices are not effective areas with lots of gold because of the high levels of mineralization If you intend to focus only on gold detecting you may want to look instead to detectors optimized for nugget detecting.

Metal detectors that are specially designed for gold are more effective in areas with high mineralization which allows them to detect the most minute amounts of gold if used correctly. It takes lots of experience and patience to master gold detecting, but once you do, your gold hunting experience will be more successful and more consistent. There are two primary technologies for gold detecting. One is VLF or induction balance and the other is called PI or pulse induction. With the VLF technology, the electric energy into the coil goes up and down as a sine wave and is able to sense smaller gold and to discriminate gold from most iron trash, but it is also more sensitive to negative effects from mineralization in the ground. PI technology cycles the electric energy by turning coil on then shuts off for a brief period of time and senses the presence of any metallic object by its magnetic field which allows the detector so find large gold deeper than VLF and is much less sensitive to mineralization in the ground.

Due to the Intense mineralization that is prevalent in many gold mining districts PI technology is most commonly used.
Due to the difficulty in finding gold with a detector, many people will give up after spending a great deal of money on a dedicated detector. So you if you are interested in starting in the hobby, you may want to first rent or even look for used units as there are great deals to be found. Working with a local store is recommended since they know the local area and can help you quickly master your gold detector.

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  1. smeltersam says:

    cool video, thx.

  2. 9DragonMaster says:

    wonderful, everywhere is covered in lead from people shooting…. have fun lead hunting!

  3. 9DragonMaster says:

    i like to spread pennies in front of people metal detecting at the beach, its funny to watch them dig them all up if they dont see you tossing them hahah. i should do that when im on my gold hunting trips =)

  4. sc4r3cr0w1 says:

    tin foil lil better make them dig lil harder

  5. Mrpingu938 says:

    I would like a metal detector!!!!!!

  6. Thatcrazykidbrendan says:

    that is evil >:(

  7. coltenandscott says:

    isn’t it illegal to metal detect in places that isn’t your property? i looked it up on google and it is illegal in Arizona.

  8. Harry Johnson says:

    god if my detector sounded like this id smash it, i prefer to only have a beep as it sweeps over a target

  9. TonyGreens99 says:

    Hey im looking to order my self a metal detector and im a beginner, so what do you think would be the best for me

  10. TonyGreens99 says:

    Hey im looking to get a metal detector and im a beginner so which do you think i should get

  11. celestialbein9 says:

    hole looked pre dug… some find

  12. MrBadone7120 says:

    very annouying !!! Hurts my ears !!

  13. TechnicianMad says:

    One time I was using my metal detector, and It started making noise and when I dug the ground up, I found another metal detector

  14. TheMakerHimself says:

    just bought one and its worth it

  15. Ross Catchot says:

    people that bomb my country hurts my heart.

  16. MrFiltenborg says:

    Get a pinpointer!

  17. streakn says:

    That’s bad ass. I wanna get one so bad and prospect the river (Colorado) and Mojave desert so bad.

  18. Loth440 says:

    Have to go where gold was found before? So how was it originally found?

    I think there’s probably alot of undiscovered deposits in the world…just how many lifetimes would it take to discover a new one yourself.