Guide To Metal Detecting

If you are new to metal detecting finding straight answers is frustrating and that’s why we created this video guide to metal detecting to offer some tips.

Good equipment is going to be a must. There are a lot of detectors and some are made for specialized purposes. Be sure to stay with newer detectors, even if you find a good deal. For your first detector, resist the urge to buy online and go to a local dealer to talk with them to be sure to find the best detector for your needs. Some of the newer detectors are an excellent value and will cover a great many of your needs. After your detector, coil choice is an important one to make. See our other video on coil choice here – In a nutshell, the coil is the round/oval metal part and the size and shape will greatly affect the performance of your detector. Put the wrong coil on a great detector and your chances of finding much is very limited.

After you purchase your detector be sure to know how it works. Nothing can ruin a good trip by not knowing how your equipment works and fiddling with the adjustments while on site. It is a good idea to read the instruction manual thoroughly to make sure you didn’t miss something. Once you have done that, do a few test runs in your backyard with known items and learn how your detector responds to different objects like, keys, coins, jewelry, cans and various other items.

Finding good items typically happen in areas with high people traffic such as parks, beaches, etc. It just makes sense to go where people are or used to be, otherwise there wouldn’t be anything dropped for you to find.
The best time to go is late at night or early in the morning to not have to fight the crowds when searching.

Last before you go detecting plan your trip before you go. Most of your time should be spent planning on where you are going, creating a grid map to make the most of your time. Find out the story of your site and if possible research old newspapers, community events and any other relevant history of the location.  We hope this guide to metal detecting was helpful and good luck on your search!


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