Homemade Metal Detectors

Making a homemade metal detector is definitely not an easy project, but there are designs and kits to help make one for those inclined.

Basically all a metal detector consists of is an electronic box and battery case on one end with a brace or handle for the operator’s arm. An insulated wire wraps around a telescoping shaft and into a round plastic disk called the coil. This disk comes off the shaft at an angle which allows it to be held parallel to the floor.

Building a detector raises a lot of issues, especially for someone without a lot of practical knowledge of building electrical devices. The knowledge is all over the internet and many people have done so successfully but actually getting a homemade metal detector to work is a challenge. Can you build your own homemade metal detector? Yes. It isn’t impossible but the question should be asked whether is it worth your time and can your do it cheaper or better than what is on the market. If you are thinking of such a project, take some time to just learn more of the basics about how a metal detector works and be ready for the challenge of making a homemade metal detector!

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  1. kulat Cj says:

    hi cyber nice job.. i from malaysia..can you send me the schematic for this one.thank you in advance mrkulat@gmail.com

  2. qazwsx7552 says:

    Awesome metal detector! Can you send me the schematic please? Thanks

  3. cyberelectronics says:

    PM sent

  4. Rakesh Singh says:

    sesend the schematics please at carakeshsingh@yahoo.co.in

  5. cyberelectronics says:

    Please read the description.

  6. Jorge says:

    Very cool!!! do you have the bill of materials available? I´ll will try to make one of
    this. Please send it at soyjorgegomez at gmail dot com

  7. cyberelectronics says:

    Thanks! Please read the description.

  8. Jorge says:

    Thanks. But the metal detector project is not included in your project page.
    There are 12 projects but none of them are for metal detector. What i´m looking for is the bill of materials and some description of the coils used. I already downloaded the pcb and sch from the description. Sorry i cannot read hungarian and the translation of the .doc is useless. Regards

  9. Jazso13 says:

    Azért a gyürűt levehetted volna…kicsit meghamisítja az eredményt,nem? :)

  10. cyberelectronics says:

    Igazad van. Az első teszt után levettem :)

  11. replacher says:

    Hi, how much kost the detektor?

  12. Nemanja Momcilovic says:

    I want to die scheme

  13. John Doe says:

    Hi, I also made one years ago and I know how difficult it is to get the excellent performance you have with your detector, congrats. Did you also tried pulse induction technology?

  14. cyberelectronics says:

    Thank you. No I didn’t tried and unfortunatelly I will not try. In my country we need license for using on the field these equipments and also must be certificated. So we can’t obtain a license for a homebuilt detector. This detector was tested only once in my room.

  15. BernteOne says:

    the souu´nd makes ill but good seems to works ahh my ears

  16. Aldarbayar Ch says:

    Nice video and Nice metal detector!
    Can you send me the schematics of this, with the parts list, and PCB.
    Thank you!
    Best regards

  17. albano409 says:


  18. sdcorfu says:

    The best detector it will be the one that can detect thin gold chain in salty beach more than 12-15 cm my friend…and do somthing about the noise or don’t bother at all.

  19. TheChemaia says:

    Hi my friend can you give us th circuit and components…
    Thank you

  20. cyberelectronics says:

    Hi. Please read the description.

  21. TheChemaia says:

    Thank you my friend I didn’t see the description …thank you again

  22. Argos digger says:

    lol how can u test it with coins if there is a metal meter lol it should always give sound on it

  23. XRayCam says:

    I am sorry for you that cannot use “homemade” because of the needed license. I hope you get license some day. If you build it you must truly enjoy :-)

  24. Giuseppe Coluccia says:

    quali apparecchi hai usato per fare metal detector ? grazie

  25. Giuseppe Coluccia says:

    puoi spedirmi questo metal che tu hai fatto? io ti pago !

  26. cyberelectronics says:

    Hi. It’s not for sale.Thanks.