Metal Detector Coil Choice

Using your metal detector correctly and making the proper metal detector coil choice will have a huge impact on whether you will effectively find anything.  Before spending money on a coil, learn about the different coils available to you and what they do and where you plan to use your detector.

The metal detector coil is the outer part of a metal detector, round to oval in shape is flat, and creates a magnetic field that searches for metallic objects.  During the search, these coils are passed over the ground surface to detect signals. Coils are available in different sizes and configurations and this shape affects the magnetic field. Smaller search coils due to their sensitivity should be used for searching smaller metal objects. It is recommended to go for light weight coils which have innovative coil geometry for better sensitivity and greater depth.

This video shares a few tips on metal detector coil choice and how to use your detector correctly.

  • As you lift the coil from the ground, the ability for the detector to find objects will vary.  You will want to keep a constant distance from the ground whenever possible.  Swinging is an issue even with the pros so pay attention and keep your swing uniform.  Many detectors (even the pros get complacent and let their concentration wander which will impact the quality of their search.
  • Using coils correctly is something which many will learn only learn with research, practice and trial and error.  The forward movement of coil should be from half an inch to a one inch per swing.
  • Generally, if you are hunting a trashy site where shallow targets are expected like newer coins, jewelry, etc you may want to use a smaller coil to minimize finding junk.
  • If you are hunting over ground with very little trash like raw pasture land and rural areas, use a larger coil as the larger coils give a greater coverage area and depth.
  • Last, take your time when detecting.  After all it isn’t a race to see how fast you can find something, but you are after finding the best stuff.  Be methodical and search carefully.

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  1. TheRossiboy says:

    great info I’d never really think about the coil size when I go out metal detecting…all I used to do with mine is beep it on my dads arm…he has metal pins in his arm XD

  2. djscottdog1 says:

    gona start doing this

  3. MrSpud67 says:

    Hi mate you are responsible for the push I needed too take the plunge and by an etrac ,bought tonight on eBay will have it by Tuesday next week can,t wait, anyway another good video good luck on your hunts

  4. pondguru says:

    No worries. I found the layout of the etrac totally alien at first but now understand most of the features so things are starting to make sense. I still dig my fair share of crap though…
    Happy hunting, man.

  5. Ben Berbanke says:

    right on !!

  6. Andy Kelly says:

    good vid…!!.

  7. chevyv8v12 says:

    Hi There pondguru. Great vids by the way very easy to understand, Im looking into an E-Trac in the new yr, but i was also thinking about the Detech sef 18×15 coil for farm land wich i have permission for, i called up a well known M.D. Supplier today, they advised me for a 15×12 as the 18×15 basically could miss a signal if a coin is upright ? Any Advice would be greatly apprieciated,chevy.

  8. pondguru says:

    Most upright coins can give a freaky signal no matter what coil you use but I’ve found plenty upright with the 18 x15. The 18 x 15 really only is of use in very low trash fields where there is little chance of passing over more than one target at a time as multiple signals under the coil will cock readings up from any coil. I still use the 11″ stock coil mostly unless I’m in very low trash (18 x 15) areas or very high trash areas (8 x 6). Its personal choice really.

  9. MrGoldrushman says:

    your a great help thanks for making time to help us novices

  10. pondguru says:

    I may have a pro machine, but I’m a novice myself. I just make videos as learn things which may make other peoples hobby a bit easier.

  11. Raidmaxgaming1 says:

    u been to matalock?

  12. pondguru says:

    Is that where the Heights of Abraham and Gullivers is? If so, yes.

  13. Raidmaxgaming1 says:


  14. creedwayne69 says:

    Great vid, just bought an xp machine and have also got a 15x 12 sef coil with it. Got permission on both pasture and ploughed fields (when there done ) so this was really helpfull.

  15. pondguru says:

    Best of luck wherever you hunt, man.
    Thanks for watching.

  16. pondguru says:

    I tend to hunt ploughed, pasture and the odd park and the etrac (once I learned how to use it properly) is easily suited to any of those situations with a few small changes. I have not done any beaches as I live well inland but plenty of people do use them on beaches. The key to any situation is learning how to make the minor changes.
    I will be producing a full length DVD on the Etrac in the next month or so as I didn’t have the benefit of that when I started.

  17. pondguru says:

    I got mine from Joan Allen who gave me a decent enough deal and have given good support. Came with a Spink coin book and etrac guide by Andy Sabitch? which was mixed up with explorer information unfortunately – decent though.
    You can order from the US cheaper but sometimes get stung by big customs charges which mess the job up and its always good to have a UK dealer in case anything ever goes wrong. Can’t remember who I got the Garrett probe from but I think it was online or maybe through ebay.

  18. Huguinhuw says:

    Thanks for the amazing helpful videos

  19. pondguru says:

    No worries, man. Thanks for watching and appreciating.

  20. Jack25Snake says:

    nice tips like your videos :-)

  21. pondguru says:

    No worries. Thanks for watching and appreciating the video.

  22. Foilmagnet says:

    I most say this. Your detekting vids are the best of all i seen. I learn lots from them Thanks

  23. pondguru says:

    No worries, man. Thanks for watching and appreciating the videos.