Park Detecting Tips

The best park detecting tip is to be sure to check with your city, county parks and recreation department to see if you are allowed to use a metal detector in their parks.  Some may require a permit and some will not allow you to detect.  Also note, in all federal parks, historical sites and monuments there is no metal detecting allowed and you could be arrested for just having a metal detector in your car in a national park.   Most States also have some type of rules restricting detecting in state parks.

Another valuable park detecting tip is to be sure to fill in your holes or your searching could jeopardize further detecting in other areas.  Please pay attention to how you leave the condition of the park, not only for further detecting, but for people who enjoy the natural beauty of the park.

Where To Search

  • Start around large tree trunks since people will rest next them or take cover under the shade.
  • Playgrounds, playing fields, and courts are also treasure troves for detecting in parks.
  • Also look at the edges of the park and in the parking lot where people are getting into and out of vehicles.

Many people will go for the central areas and for those areas with a lot of competition, your less conventional areas may not be as picked over.

When To Search

The best time to search in parks is typically early in the morning and late at night when visitor traffic is lower.

Equipment Needs

  • Map the area before you go to maximize your time and to not search the same place twice.  Before you map out your search, sit down and look over the search area and try to find the areas where the most traffic would be coming and going.
  • 6” coil to give a wide range.
  • Digging equipment

Check out our video with park detecting tips to help you in your searches.

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  1. Stanley Capazorio says:

    The Garrett Ace 250 is a good one. I’ve been using for four years now. Fairly light, easy to use, good depth, good iron disc. and when swing is slow it gives good recovery speed nulling out iron. I love it. Although I’m looking at higher end MD I will keep this one.

  2. trbacon says:

    Thank you so much for the info! I really appreciate it.

  3. Jarlsland says:

    Nice video/w tips! Thanks. The music is very cool too!

  4. bingobongo445 says:

    What is the name of the music playing in your opening video.

  5. bingobongo445 says:

    First of all that’s a Whites which is the top of the line in m/d. There only sold through Whites dealers not Radio Shack, Wal Mart or any other retail stores. Whites is the pioneer this hobby and has been for 60 years, these machines American Made in Sweet Home OR. I know because in bought my 1st machine there in 1976,and continue to use them today.From a Coin Master, a 6000 DI pro, a DFX, a Beach Hunter and soon a V3i

  6. trbacon says:

    Thank you, sorry it took so long to thank you, but computer’s been down.

  7. laphant1 says:

    wel l done thanks…

  8. TheFattdragon says:

    Great video for the starting MDer. What is the song name in the vid please?

  9. chrisrock51 says:

    how can you tell if your metal detector is falsing?

  10. jdswim13 says:

    i am sure there are different laws for where ever you go but i live in lynchburg virginia my metal detector is in the mail….anyway is it legal to metal detect in parks here i cant find state laws or anything online

  11. poljana says:

    I am still very new to MDing, but because of this TIP video, I found my first Gold ring!! This is the fifth time out detecting and I learned rather quickly what reads as junk & what is worth digging on my BH Platinum (a gift for Xmas). The machine is nothing special, and many fnds are within a few inches of the surface but I guess it did the job this time :) I hit a park in my area and went under the trees you described, after getting some clad, I hit a nickel signal…BAM 18k ring THANK YOU!!

  12. greenwalnut100 says:

    Thanks for your tips. I’m still learning and using a big5 special. Think it’s a prosPector brand..

  13. shinyhunter21 says:

    nice find with the pokemon card I would be estatic to have found that.

  14. RavenSeventy8 says:

    Great info :)

  15. john24gold1 . says:

    great video please check my vidz out if u have a chance happy hunting

  16. Patrick Edwards says:


  17. micmoable says:

    Is the IDX a pretty decent machine? I’ve owned a MXT and liked it but later sold it—wish I hadn’t thogh–ha! I’ve owned many good detectors over the years and several brands too

  18. micmoable says:

    what is name of that music played on here? I’ve heard it before but don’t recall title. It’s a cool piece of music–reminds me of old western movies or something like that–ha!

  19. micmoable says:

    Hey Robbie–aren’t you located somewhere in Texas? I’ve got Kin folks in Wyllis and Conroe. Good luck detecting man! Some of the best BBQ I ever ate was in Texas—somewhere near or in Conroe one time–and really good BBQ at the RiverWalk in San Antonio when me and my dad went to see the Alamo—the bbq place was called the County Line Barbecue–whew wee it was some good BBQ! That was probably around early 1990′s

  20. micmoable says:

    How’s that F5 still doing for you? You told me you thought it was better than the IDX awhile back—and I messaged you about IDX today(I forgot I’d already asked you how it was)–so you still feel like the F5 is better at coinhunting/jewelry hunting than the IDX?

  21. DimemanRobbie says:

    In my opinion the Fisher F5 is better than the older Whites IDX and the Whites M6. The F5 is much lighter and will find coins in trashy areas that the M6 and IDX will miss.

  22. winklinkfink says:

    Awesome tips robbie, I’m going to my neighbors rights now, theyre both really old and they might know some old bus stops or parks that they used to go to when they were young!!!!
    Thanks alot.

  23. Mic Micson says:

    @ Dimeman…wait a minute…look at 4:25. Is that rock? Do not throw it away…it might be a meteorite rock from the space.

  24. nigel mahabir says:

    Found a 22ct ring, 3 clads, and 4 ww2 bullets!!!

  25. lstvphoto says:

    Great video Robbie.. I love hunting tot lots ..GL. HH

  26. bobinmissouri says:

    you don’t have no videos to look at

  27. Jockguy2008 says:

    Hey Bob, sorry last year I changed screen name. My new channel is TreasureJack

  28. Jockguy2008 says:

    Oh and sadly the videos from my old screen name got deleted when I tried to move them over, the good news is I made some of my best finds in 2013

  29. lmdetect says:

    DIMEMAN! ! ! Ima Swinger here! ! I was just on T-Net looking at some old posts and came across your video post. Nice video! I just got back into detecting a couple months ago, and lovin it again. Great to see that you’re still at it. HH

  30. CommonSenseMeasures says:

    Thank you. I always wanted to watch a video where a guy goes to a park and just starts randomly naming things he sees. Amazing. Thank you.

  31. DimemanRobbie says:

    You are very welcome. I’m glad you enjoyed my video.