This metal detecting tip video explains the importance of pinpointing a target which will reduce the likelihood of ruining a valuable coin by scratching with the spade and speed up recovery time.

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  1. pondguru says:

    No worries, man.
    Thanks for watching.

  2. fento888 says:

    mate just wondering what the laws are on finds?and how close you are allowed to get to old castles etc!?I’m from scotland don’t know if the laws are different up here!thankyou

  3. pondguru says:

    Unless there are protected status you can get right up to castles but it depends on the owner and how close they will let you detect since they may be living in the castle.
    The laws on treasure are the same in Scotland as they are in England I think. Basically if 2 or more silver / gold coins from the same period in history are found in the same area of the same field it is usually classed as a hoard and needs recording with Portable Antiquities Scheme. Gold / silver artifacts are also covered.

  4. fento888 says:

    thanks for the reply pal,love your videos :-)

  5. pondguru says:

    No worries, man. Thanks for watching.

  6. pondguru says:

    as legendas têm um problema real com o meu sotaque tão a tradução é, por vezes, muito engraçado

  7. baikawa says:


  8. pondguru says:

    Yes, there are loads of detecting videos in my playlist on the right of this page,

  9. MrThisDarkness says:

    very informative, thanks for showing us !

  10. pondguru says:

    No worries, thanks for watching.

  11. john wheatley says:

    I want to take up metal detecting, but not sure what to buy……. budget £150 – 200, any suggestions?

  12. pondguru says:

    Personally speaking, I’d go for a used Garrett Euroace. I’ve just sold one for a mate with a whites bullseye probe for £215 on ebay. It was a great detector and well worth the £279 they normally sell for when new.

  13. colonialdigger ny says:

    nice karate chop to the plug.. great video as always.

  14. pondguru says:

    Thanks for watching, man.

  15. jwith2 says:

    Just thanking you for posting such a clear, easy to understand video on pinpointing, it’s helped me a lot.

  16. pondguru says:

    I really need to update this video as this one was shot with my old SD camera and its a bit rough. Now that I’m a bit better at making videos I could do a better job now but thanks for appreciating this one.

  17. jwith2 says:

    I’ve just bought the Garrett Pro Pointer from Detecnicks, hopefully it’ll be delivered by the weekend and if the weather holds I’ll be able to try it out. I really enjoy your metal detecting videos, when I find something decent I’ll send it to you for one of your ‘find of the month’ uploads.

  18. pondguru says:

    That would be awesome. The next Worldwide Metal Detecting Finds video should go up this weekend with any luck.

  19. john wheatley says:

    Thanks for the info… I’m saving !!

  20. MattGale12 says:

    ha so its only worth about 1 pence

  21. Kah Hunter says:

    <--Noob lol i learn watching you guys.I bought the bounty hunter quick silver.but i am thinking about returning and buying one with pin point.Great videos

  22. Leila Mumladze says:

    what i must use if i want find silver in underground.
    about 1 meter.

  23. pondguru says:

    Not sure any available metal detectors will find silver at 1m

  24. 1946chevytruck says:

    I currently have a Whites Prizm 5 metal detector but I’m thinking about upgrading to the Coinmaster GT have you had any experience with this detector?

  25. pondguru says:

    It’s not a detector I’m familiar with unfortunately.

  26. Aaron Quezada says:

    press 9 :)

  27. Tung Le says:

    thank you soo much your videos are so help full to mee

  28. pondguru says:

    This one could do with an updated version but thanks for watching and appreciating the videos.

  29. fauntleeeeroy says:

    At last, an Englishman doin a vid and not a crazy yank

  30. Pondguru says:

    lol, there are one or two Englishmen making metal detecting videos and considerably less Chinamen.