where should i do metal detecting around my village?

Hi, can someone give me some tips about metal detecting and where to do it around my village. i live in alconbury which is a small village in cambridgeshire england. i can not go into the church or village green as the village council is retarded. where should i do my metal detecting and are there any secret tips that will help me. (I have a bounty hunter tracker IV)
I want to find Old coins and jewelry etc.


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  1. Austin says:

    You should go to places that a lot of people move through. Like a park. Or you could go to a place that something happened and you might find something cool.

  2. Steven D says:

    Try the surrounding wooded areas. There’s always a chance you will find something even it’s old horseshoe nails. Good hunting!

  3. Jim says:

    I am in the US, so I can’t give any specific advice about where you live, but I can give you some tips.

    Check around the base of trees. This is always a good place to look. People, as you know look to take a rest under trees, whether for shade or shelter from rain. This is also where bags are generally placed that may have something fall out of them. Somethings don’t change. When you are out and about, where do you take a break and throw your backpack, purse, etc.? Without a bench, under a tree! This is really general, but under older trees is always a good place to look because of better odds of something falling out of your pocket or bag.

    Ask older friends, neighbors and relatives if they know of any place around your village that used to have older homes that is now a vacant piece of land or field. Check online for old pictures and maps of your village and try to discern where those places are today. Even a home or building that is modern may have had a business or home there 200 or more years ago. The online searching is fun. Try to figure out where a certain place is by judging the horizon and land features such as mountains, streams, hills etc. This can be done most easily by using an old map, but can also be done just by looking at old pictures. By doing this you may find that where you live used to be something significant 50 years ago or 400 years ago.

    Is there any place around your village that is used as a “swimming hole”? These are good places as well. People tend to have a habit of losing things like coins and jewelry around swimming holes. Coins fall out of pockets, jewelry falls off or gets broken (liike a necklace with a pendant of some kind) while rough-housing.

    Good luck in your detecting!

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